Secure Shell Basics - SSH 101

Secure Shell Basics - SSH 101

May 11th, 2017

Secure Shell Basics - SSH 101

SSH is a protocol to securely connect to a remote server.

The command requires IP Address and Port Number of server to connect.

ssh <ip-address> -p <port>
  • By default TCP Port 22 is used for SSH Protocol, but it can be configurable.

When we run the ssh command, server asks for username and password to verify the connection. Once valid username and password combination is passed, then user will get a Shell Access to the remote computer.

There are variations of SSH command to pass other information.


Command Usage
ssh viz@ This will connect to the remote server using username " viz "
ssh viz@ -i viz.pem Instead of typing the password, we can pass an identity file which is another way authenticate to SSH Server. This is recommanded